Goal Digger Event Review

You may have heard the phrase before and be wondering what it means but the term Goal Digger has been coined as a way to put a spin on the term GOLD DIGGER and we are loving it here at GROW DAILY. So when I heard that Charmaine Hayden and Lina Naima of Face 4 Music was holding an event based around that term. I just had to be there.

We attended Charmaine and Lina Face 4 Music’s Goal Digger Power Circle event on International Women’s Day. March 8th and they couldn’t have picked a better day to bring all of this amazing ness together.

The event was at 114 Martins Lane and was from 7pm-9pm. I turned up on time and was very impressed, at being greeted on arrival. At the door I was provided with an agreement that we were asked to sign. This declaration was a positive start to the evening. It was centred around being uplifting and encouraging one another that we had a safe space to be our open and authentic selves and basically get involved in the evening. On going through to the main event we were given complimentary free drinks token and access to cupcakes and sweets, which were beautifully laid out, in a small but intimate venue.

The evening got off to a great start with Charmaine and Lina introducing themselves, for those that don’t now they are directors of a successful modelling agency. They then introduced the amazing panel of speakers which were Renay Rich who works for Pannaplea but has numerous accolades such as child start in Harry Potter, Janine George runs a personal training business but is trained in optimum nutrition and has bikini mode competition winner under her belt, Tasha Demi, Music and entertainment blogger who has worked for MTV, 4 Music to name a few, Suzette Brissett choreographer to stars such as Little Mix, Rhianna, Jeremiah, Lucy Sharp who works in PR who has worked for Amazon, and currently Seeders and lastly Rita Balogun who owns Radiant Salon which is popping!!, if you know you know. I was blown a way with the levels of success these women have achieved.

These women were very inspirational, apart from their various accolades they imparted knowledge about what it takes to be successful, what were some of the pitfalls of success I.e. balancing of relationships, and setting your financial worth. It was great to see women from all walks of life come together with one mission which was to light the fire inside you to go and achieve your own goals.

There was then a question and answer session where we as the audience were free to ask questions relevant to achieving success and reaching your goals, questions such as how do you balance the guilt of entrepreneurship with being a mother? How do you start being paid the right amount for your services? These were all met with great responses, which I felt were both empowering but factual and pretty open and honest too.

The evening drew to a close with Charmaine and Lina giving us a take away mantra to help when you feel like you can’t get through the things life is throwing at you. “I could if said I can’t, but I did, I survived and I am here to tell the tale” which I felt empowered you to look past the hurdles life throws and you because you always come through them even if you think you can’t. The safe haven was open and women spoke about their struggles with life, such as addiction and family issues and it was met with encouragement and the repetition of the mantra that left me feeling both strengthened, positive and empowered to keep pushing for my goals.

The message I think was clear!! We can all help each other improve and come together in a positive environment to move forward in the pursuit of your goals.

There was a suggestion for an event based around your elevator pitch – We all need to be able to sell ourselves or our product in two mins!! Only question I have is where do I sign up?

Rox – Grow Daily


Goal Digger Event Review

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