Grow Daily Website Launch

By @CalleJade

The champagne glasses were clinking, the music was streaming and the screen was bright. On Tuesday, I headed to the Grow Daily website launch held in Vanilla London. Firstly, can I just say that the venue was amazing and perfect size for a ‘launch’, as we tend to forget the difference between a launch and a party nowadays! There were roughly 5/6 rows of 10 seats facing a projector wall, with a free area for people to stand around and socialise. Walking in to an all white room with spotlights, automatically, I felt a warming welcome and could definitely grasp the positive vibe from the attendees.

After taking a few pictures in front of the Grow Daily media board, we were all invited to have a seat for the introduction of the night. To get started we were given a little warm up exercise to turn to the person next to us and have a 5 minute talk to get to learn a little bit about each other, a few pairs stood up and spoke about what they had learnt from their partner which was very interesting as being in a room with more than 20 people is definitely difficult to speak to each and every one individually in a few hours. I learnt one guy was opening a Caribbean restaurant in Dubai, another lady had her own swimwear and dress line and another lady was a speaker who had started an academy promoting empowering young women. This ice breaker certainly helped me to feel as if I knew some of the individuals a little more than just a stare in the face!

So we then went on to learn a little more about how the two founders, the history behind Grow Daily and what the brand is all about. The story was about two normal everyday inspired individuals, who were and still are keen to grow themselves and their mindset everyday in order to become as successful as possible. They wanted to create a platform like no other for other aspiring individuals who look for anything relating to personal development and growth. This could be podcasts, recommended books to read, motivational YouTube videos and events, interviews, foods which nurture the brain and much more all under one website.

The night also included guest speakers who were also part of the Grow Daily community and showed appreciation for a platform like this one to influence all. We were shown the website in great detail and it also gave me a much better understanding of what everyone was preparing for, as a matter of fact it made me smile as being a very busy person, (and this goes for all individuals who hardly get 5 minutes to themselves) I may see an extract from a book but I never know where to find it, 30 seconds of powerful motivational ‘start your day’ videos and podcasts and you never find the exact video or time ends up passing by and we forget about it. We were also shown a 15 minute video of a motivational speech by Eric Thomas which was also such a powerful video, I felt goosebumps as his voice was coming out of the speakers, to be honest, I feel the whole audience were blown away with that video if watching it for the first time and this was a simple example alongside their advert of what content was to come on the Grow Daily website.

To round off the night, there was a lot more winding down socialising, picture taking and food grabbing happening, the venue had the cutest canapes of mini slider burgers, fish and chips, chicken fajitas and pizzas on rotation with desserts of fruit salad and chocolate fondant to finish. If you came to the launch with an empty stomach and an empty brain, you would have left with them both being satisfied.

The website launch was a well spent intellectual evening with Aziza Francis (@azizawho) hosting the night and if you were lucky enough to be one of the fifteen who went home with a limited edition artwork piece collaborated with artist Tia Marie, I would count them lucky as that was great talent too!

Overall, I left this venue feeling very much empowered and with a little food for thought. I would like to commend the whole team who put this launch together as the purpose and effort of the evening was shown throughout the whole night. This brand, movement and ever-growing team are far from selfish as their mindset is to help others grow whilst they grow and to be honest I think it’s a genius idea.

Learning new things everyday can sometimes be deemed as a chore for us, I can admit I am guilty, possibly because we are scared of being amazed at exercising our minds and pushing ourselves to work ten times harder than we do. But I suggest if you are going to start, start now, and If you haven’t already… WWW.GROWDAILY.CO.UK


Grow Daily Website Launch

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