The importance of Diary management… Scheduling your day. 

Scheduling your day increases more productivity, allows you to define and organize your day- by getting everything done!

The most crucial start to each day is knowing what you’re going to be doing, right? You don’t want to start your day without knowing what to do or where and when to start you usually end up with loss of time and not achieving anything by the end.

You want to wake up and have already set down the targets and goals you must achieve by the end of the day to achieve a successful day.

I will tell you why this is so important for a fuelled successful day!

–  Once you start organizing your day, it becomes harder to procrastinate.

–  You will find you are less impulsive as you’ve planned out your time.


Tip 1- the night before you should ALWAYS right down the 3 Goals you must obtain that will make your day positive. EG finish essay, Close a deal, Go gym etc!

Tip 2- schedule in your agenda- errands; such as house cleaning 1hr, food shopping 45mins, perhaps gym- legs day 1hr, calling a certain number of clients by X time 2hrs.

BTW your goals and schedule plans should be different

Your goals are defining and organizing what you need to get done on that day!

Your schedule is identifying when you’re going to do this and how much time you will need to get it done.


Now the key bit on how to do this;

The night before I like to have my diary and pen in bed and think of what I didn’t get to do that previous day, I will also write down the goals I should achieve, then think of all the other errands that I need to do.

At the bottom of my diary I rule out a corner for my 3 most important goals.

In my diary as I like to do or you can do this on your phone calendar I will then put down my schedules for the day.

There’s also a wide range of apps you can download!

iDo- On iTunes

Schedule planner – On iTunes


Keep Growing Daily!


Aysia Sesan @AysiaSesan


The importance of Diary management… Scheduling your day. 

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