Personal Legends

So I am halfway through reading the infamous ‘The Alchemist’, and needless to say I love it so far and in love with the message it sends out to the world. The main phrase that has stuck out to me which has been used throughout the book is the term “personal legend”.

Personally, I would define a legend as somebody who is heroic, someone who has left an impact behind them, somebody who has created a legacy. So therefore when you have found your personal legend you have become a LEGEND in your own purpose. To pursue and achieve your personal legend means that you are honoring the miracle of life by fulfilling what gives you the most enthusiasm and doing it with ease. It is so incredible to me that we are all gifted with something great within us. This post is to encourage everyone who has ever thought that they do not have a purpose in life to change your mindset towards a shift in belief in yourself in order to unlock your potential.

The importance of having a personal legend is to improve the quality of life, when you are following your passions you are happier as you are living life everyday intentionally giving purpose to what you do daily. In the book we learn that the Sheperd boy, meets the Alchemist who practiced transforming metals by removing impurities and teaches Santiago that he also has the power to transform his own life once he removes the impurities and doubt from it also.

As you strive to discover your personal legend there are various setbacks and stumbling blocks that can affect your journey and these are certain impurities that should be removed.

Factors that may hold you back

  • Your peers may not believe in what you are doing and throw doubt into your path, simply because they were NOT called for the same journey as yourself and will never understand the things as you do. Don’t allow other people to throw fear into something you have the potential to be great at.
  • Living in a fear of defeat à Having a negative attitude about your future, means you use a limiting language, casting a shadow of doubt on yourself limiting yourself and your situation.
  • The fear of realizing we are not worth it à When we get close to realizing our dreams, sometimes we forget what it took for us to get here and doubt our ability to pursue our calling. But you made it.



When you start to believe you are worthy of your own dream and vision “then you become an instrument of God, you help the soul of the world and you understand why you are here”.






Personal Legends

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