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Well we here at Grow Daily can guarantee this is exactly the tips YOU have been waiting for. Do you want to lose weight but maybe you feel the gym is just not for you? Maybe you feel you don’t have time or maybe just maybe you’re a little embarrassed of being surrounded by muscle bound, grunting men and women who seem to already have the perfect body yet they continue jogging on that treadmill !

Either way its spring time, no better time than ever to want to start a small fitness regime of your own, here are a few tips you may wish to input into your daily routine.

Exercise – Now yes, we may have some tips however we cannot re-invent the will, losing weight will require exercise, however we at Grow Daily are not telling you to sign up for the next London Marathon (well not yet) but simply each morning start with a coffee to kick start the metabolism, followed by a 20-30 minute walk. After 5-6 minutes you should begin to sweat and if not step up the intensity just a little bit to increase the heart rate. You should not be walking at your usual walking pace!

Eating & Drinking – Now we are not here to tell you, cut out carbs or red meat or anything like that, however maybe try implementing these ideas with your daily schedule.

·Breakfast – The most important meal of the day (some say) you may wish to try Oats or Porridge as they release energy slowly throughout the day, helping you to feel energised a lot longer. Or if you’re in a rush maybe Peanut butter on toast.

·Lunch – Make your lunch your biggest meal of the day! Sounds crazy we know but whilst you’re out at work, you will burn it off doing your day to day working duties, less chance of fat storage as you are constantly burning off what you have consumed. Carbohydrates are good for energy but do not overdo it, after all nobody wants to be asleep half an hour after lunch has finished.

·Dinner – Your main meal to be eaten BEFORE 8PM, mostly green based (Salad, Vegetables) Protein (Fish, Meat) and LOW amounts of carbs. Lower amount of carbs the better, as your closer to bedtime your body will take even longer to break those complex carbs down therefore meaning your body is more likely to store these complex carbs as fat cells = more weight.

·Drinking – Lets be honest we could ALL benefit from consuming more water! You really want to be drinking 2-4 litres PER DAY! Sounds like a huge amount but it’s definitely a huge requirement. You need to remain hydrated plus with all the weight loss you are going to  need to keep your skin supple and full of elasticity, water will do this.

Finally, your now doing a morning walk to start your day, you’re changing your eating habits for the better, why not implement exercise throughout the day. Try walking up the escalators rather than waiting to get to the top?! (Winners race to the top by the way) and how about rather than taking the elevator all the way to your floor in the office why not get out 2 floors early and take the stairs, eventually forget the elevator.

These tips are sure to give you the starting push you need to begin shifting some of that unwanted weight and as you begin to see results it will become an addiction. Feel free to let us know in the coming weeks how you have got on and more importantly how much you have lost!



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