#WCW –  Anita Roddick

Our WCW Anita Roddick was a British businesswoman, human rights activist and environmental campaigner *long before it was a lifestyle or the mantra of today’s health and wellness influencers*. Best known as the founder of The Body Shop (a cosmetics company) whom produce and retail natural beauty products that shaped ethical consumerism.

In the U.K., a body shop body butter has pretty much a right of passage for a teenage girl as like Victoria Secret sprays to others. This body butter is not the only spreadable gift Roddick blessed the world with, in fact it is her incredible philanthropic persona that shall adorn her legacy for years to come. Before her death, Roddick   told The Daily Telegraph she was having a “joyful” time giving away around £3 million a year to human rights, social and environmental groups, in fact details of her estate, which were published in 2008, revealed that she had donated her £51 million fortune to good causes before her death from a brain haemorrhage in September 2007.

Though it’d be amazing to hope all people could be as selfless and considerate as Dame Roddick, what I do hope is that you take at least three key lessons from her legacy; in hopes to afford others with the opportunity to Grow Daily for ever more.

  1. Seek to find success in that which enables others to better themselves, the monetary figure you can give employees will never compare to the lessons and skills you can provide. Money changes hands and has no true abode, skills are shared to new hands and belong only to those worthy to house them.
  1. Anita’s stance on entrepreneurship was ‘SURVIVAL’, and it’s that very mindset that spurs creatives to survive in style, sustain and obtain; you will find that the most successful entrepreneurs are those whom chose to enter business to survive in a less primitive way. Those who wish to survive their story tale, must find a way to live each chapter fulfilled.
  1. Entice your audience to engage! One of Roddicks most successful plays in the business game was her instinct idea to drizzle droplets of her product in trails that led to her shop, as simple as that may seem now in such a saturated market; in her time this was genius. To encourage customers to visit her store by appealing to their natural promotable senses, followed by details quips and anecdotes attached to each product; she early sussed that shopping was more about the customers experience being one they’d want to repeat for their treat.

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.

Written by Karen Sherise



#WCW – Anita Roddick

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