#FitnessFriday – Hydration & Nutrition

Hey all!!!!!!

Susi Johnson here, resident registered dietitian!!!!! Figured a formal introduction was a good way to start.

Over the growing years with the explosion and saturation of social media I have become increasingly alarmed at the wealth of incorrect and at times unsafe nutritional information out there. So, I figured why not make a mark in the arena to dispel nutrition myths and help spread evidence based nutritional advice and tips!!

I am looking forward to what this journey will bring and hope you guys enjoy it also!

Ok so wanted to chat to you guys about Hydration- water to be exact- please don’t yawn !!







Water is essential for life- It makes up 70% of our bodies. We can go 60 days without food but can’t do more than 72 hours without fluids. Drinking enough is important for not only short term but for long term health. The top 8 include:

  1. Helps eliminate waste products from both kidneys and bowels, preventing constipation
  2. Great for temperature control in the body and replenishing the lost fluids from being a sweaty betty!! (This can be from exercise, hot weather, sex to name a few)
  3. Maintains good blood flow and volume and the transport of nutrients around the body
  4. Provides the lubrication in your joints and eyes hence protecting them
  5. Aids the actual process of digestion through saliva, stomach acid and digestive juices we make
  6. Helps to keep skin soft, supple, smooth and youthful
  7. Drinking water more often instead of fizzy and sugary drinks contains 0 calories and other things like additives, preservatives. It helps flush out fat by products and other toxins from the body aiding the battle against the bulge and keeping those teeth healthy!
  8. Aids in the maintenance of healthy brain function (cognition and memory)

The majority of us only manage 1 glass a day- when the official recommendation is 6-8 (250mls) glasses per day. Some of you are like what does that even mean! Basically we are looking at, at least 1.5 – 2 litres per day + more if you exercised, hot weather, or had heating on.

Some of you guys are probably thinking huh??? Nah mate no way am I going to get all that in daily BUT drinks provide 70-80% of our fluid needs. The other 20-30% comes from food e.g. soup , stews, yoghurt.

A few Tips to increase:

-Eat your water!!! Have more veggies and fruit that have a high water content e.g. salads, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, water melon to name a few.

-coconut water / herbal teas are great sources of fluid with the added benefit of providing vitamins and minerals.

-fruit juices/smoothies/shakes/tea and coffee do count however limit how much you have of these to 1-2 glasses of your total allowance.

-Bored of just normal water- how about flavouring it with a slice of fruit/veg e.g. lemon/orange /cucumber- basically anything you like for a bit of a flavour boost!!

-Alcohol makes you pee more which partially explains the banging headache you get the following day. After a few alcoholic drinks good to have a glass of water inbetween!

-Lastly drink small amounts throughout the day- don’t wait until you are really thirsty. You are probably dehydrated by then!!!

How do you know I am well hydrated???

Your Pee colour is normally the best indicator……. Check this out below


#FitnessFriday – Hydration & Nutrition

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