Grow Daily Meets – Chams F4M

Entrepreneur, Founder of Face4Music, Radio Presenter (NFTR), and all around GoalDigger, I present to you; Charmaine Hayden.

I’d be very surprised if you’ve never heard this name, Charmaine (endearingly referred to as Chams) is renowned within the UK as a business woman who gets things done; in fact many artists, entrepreneurs, models, photographers & most creatives would cite her as a friend, mentor and even family.
The above is a testament to how embedded and dedicated to the growth and success of ‘the culture’ Chams is. Before there was even a name for such a movement Chams was a pioneer, she knew there were less open opportunities for people of colour within the entertainment industry; and did something about it rather than complain.
That is Charmaine Hayden, excuses don’t exist in her space, if you ACTUALLY want it you will get it under Chams care; she’ll go above and beyond for you as long as you are willing to work hard & not complain.

Knowing Chams personally and observing her go from strength to strength,here are four key factors to being successful & respected.

1. Goal dig – Have a goal/goals you are genuinely passionate about. Do not give up and settle for what’s presented to you, go after your goals without limitations and excuses. It’s good to have numerous goals but set out clear plans and steps of what’s necessary and work hard at it, enjoy the digging (the process); it builds character and resilience.

2. Be Authentic – The best version of yourself is your competition, oppose the you with excuses and fear; build your inner boss with enthusiasm and focus. You should remain so focused on attaining and maintaining, that you refrain from comparing yourself to others because it’s simply a waste of time. You are more than enough as an original, do not cut corners to be a carbon copy.

3. The Company you Keep – If you know Chams you know Lina (hi mom lol). It’s no coincidence that numerous ventures have gone so well, when your business partner/s become family; there’s a different level of support, determination and will to win. Your personal life provides stability when you keep it private and in the hands of those you’ve grafted with. Remember who supported you whilst you were making small steps, those are whom you enjoy the ‘views’ from the top with.

4. Legacy – Legacies aren’t built overnight, in a society where success can appear instant; you need to consciously observe your journey and decipher how you can positively affect the lives of others. That’s a legacy, when your presence isn’t required for your force to be felt. Aspire to inspire.

I could’ve written a lot more, but I implore you GD’ers to go and check out Chams via:

Twitter: @chamsface4music
IG: chamsface4music
Radio: Radaronline – morningsunfiltered/ NFTR

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.

& to Miss Hayden, thank you for being the strong, compassionate, hyped up, intelligent, no nonsense, authentically phenomenal woman that you are; you have a place in my heart always.

Written by Karen Sherise
Alumni of C.Hayden class of ’08/’10


Grow Daily Meets – Chams F4M

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