Tuesday’s Tips

otorning Musts: brought to you by GROW DAILY
• Meditate & Manifest •
Morning meditation is deemed ESSENTIAL by most successful people. Meditation or at least a ‘moment of mindfulness’ decreases the likelihood of havoc within your day. If you are calm, you react & act calmly thus setting the pace of your day. You are in control, the days events don’t happen to you, you happen to them. Visualise how it’ll go, manifest moment and bless your day with the right energy.
You’ll experience: Connecting on a higher frequency of energy, relaxed reactions, increased productivity, optimised organisation & a general sense of being in control in a fluid way.
• Cure & Conquer •
Hot water, cayenne pepper and lemon. The mix of the vitamins & minerals found within this blend stimulate the liver thus will detox (sugar and alcohol included, don’t only be good yourself for lent). This blend is known to aid good digestion & fights bacteria it’s even been linked to decreasing the likelihood of cancer.
You’ll experience: A clean functional internal system that makes you feel refreshed and cleansed.
• Read & Reiterate •
Reading appropriate material allows you to reconnect to your goals daily, you may not be able to action a step towards your goal daily but you can plan, invent and invest in your goal via reading. If you read at least 2 pages a day it’ll have a huge affect on your attitude and the urgency you attach to the goal. Keep the books you read in the morning aligned with your current goals. You can read fiction to put you to sleep (love story/drama to entertain you in your dreams), however it is best to read motivational, guides, self help books in the day to ensure a better reality.
You’ll experience: Your persona become productive and progressive daily. You’ll have a clear concise approach towards your goals



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