#MCM – 50 Cent

Our MCM has amassed millions over the last two decades, a true power player in the game. Living by the motto get rich or die trying, our MCM is certainly an Effen mogul to say the least; yes you’ve guessed it the man i’m referring to is Mr Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent.

Now I’m sure many of you know the story of 50 Cent and would rather I not reiterate what you know 9 times *I know cheap shot*. So rather than the usual introduction & back story write up, I thought it only right to answer 21 questions as to how you amass such success, maybe even more than 50 cent ay ..

1. Do you think 50 Cent would be a GDw’er?

Did you know Jackson adopted the nickname “50 Cent” as a metaphor for change, that’s right; 50 is all for Growing Daily and bettering yourself.

2. Why is the company you keep so important?

“If I was your best friend, I’d want you round all the time”. You will become that which you frequently immerse yourself in, surround yourself with winners and watch the wins roll in.

3. Why does it always feel like one thing after the other?

“Listen lil’ homie, when it rains it pours”. Those who aren’t thankful for the pouring will remain poor. You need the water to grow, don’t let one moment dampen your momentum, choose to see them as showers of blessings.

4. When will it be my season?

“Hate it or love it the underdog’s on top and I’m gonna shine homie until my heart stop”. Shine when it’s your time, there is no season you should allow yourself to illuminate the lives of others with your energy alone.

5. How do you get back up when you’ve been down and broken?

“All things fall apart”, It’s up to you to dust of the pieces and create something better and withstanding. Learn from your falls, down use circumstances as an excuse to crumble.

6. Is asking for help weak?

“Before I self destruct”. No it is not, holding it all in and assuming you know it all is the quickest way to hardship. The best leaders always remain a student – of life that is.

7.  I know is street hustle, how do I level up?

“Corporate acquisitions, accumulations of wealth
Build with the gods and double knowledge of self”. You have to be willing to Grow Daily, step out of societal norms and cliches, be authentic but also be willing to adapt and you will find new opportunities come to you.

8. Is it okay to change up when your change is up?

“I need to know where I’m heading cause I know where I’ve been”. Never forget where you come from, but always aim to exceed the expectation of those in that environment. Keep an open mind.

9. How do I take I take myself from the floor to the boardroom?

You must endure boredom. Success requires work. Before you can succeed, you must first become great. You become great only through rigorous practice. Then you’ll experience real ‘Power’.

10. How badly do I have to want it?

Devote your life to your dream.”Get rich or die trying”.

11. Looking at social media upsets me, is that normal?

“You a window shopper, mad at .. I think I know why”. Don’t compare your life story to someone’s showreel. Those are just the highlights, be man of your own match. A goal is a goal when hit. Hit the floor running and don’t waste time walking and watching others.

12. How many times should I try something before moving on?

A cat has 9 lives and 50 survived being shot 9 times, there’s no right number for everyone, It all depends on how bad you want it and what you learnt from each time, you may be one tick away from passing with flying colours; never count yourself out too early.

13. I want to be successful and I speak it into existence, why isn’t anything happening?

Success isn’t luck, do something about it. Hustle hard in action as well as affirming in speech.

14. What should I be listening to and watching to stay motivated?

You should log on to Growdaily.co.uk daily to be encouraged and inspired. You may just be encouraged to take your own ‘sms’, vitamin water etc type ideas to the next level.

15. How hard do I have to work?

“If I can’t do it, homey, it can’t be done”. Keep working until you work it out. You need to be able to outwork limitations, there is no end to a real winner.

16. How do I attain a better lifestyle?

“Clickity clank, clickity clank, the money goes into my piggy bank”. Only purchase what you need, you’ll save more for what you want this way.

17. How do I avoid being put into a box?

Have an ‘escape plan’, another avenue/revenue in familiar fields so that ploughing through risky territory in your youth unearths a plentiful crop for years to come.

18. Do I have to be a trailblazer to be successful?

No, there’s no limit to success, you just have to be authentic and dedicated. Enjoy the competition, thrive from the creation process. 50’s Effen, still holds its weight amongst the Cirocs and Duśśe’s of this world.

19. How do I build a legacy?

By making opportunities and providing a better quality of life for others. 50 is part of a company called ‘Street King’ , where a portion of proceeds from each ‘Street King’ purchase is used to provide a daily meal to an underprivileged child. This is the real deal.

20. I’m good at a lot of things, how do I know what to pursue?

50’s broad business and investment portfolio contains investments in a variety of sectors including real estate, financial market investments, mining, boxing promotion, vodka, fragrances, consumer electronics and fashion.

21. Who do I need to be, to be successful?

Give yourself a real shot, don’t compromise your character be authentically you always and you’ll Kanan yourself to better heights.

22. Why should I Grow Daily?

“White collar visions, game changing mission, big risks, big wins, equal bigger living, Perfect position, watch me transition from caterpillar to butterfly in the sky”.
You know our motto : Invest. Elevate. Achieve

” Would you love us on a Bentley, would you love us on a bus .. we’ll flyer all around the city, what other promo do ya want from us?”

If you can reply to that bar with a unique quick shot idea, there’ll be a reward ..

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.


Written by Karen Sherise


Karen Gill


#MCM – 50 Cent

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