#MCM – Anthony Joshua

❗️❗️Mayday mayday .. Doubters have drowned, battle ships have sunk, there’s a new WBA and IBO Champ; hailing from Watford, of Nigerian descent i present to you Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua.

The peoples champ has certainly been at the forefront of many bank holiday celebrations, with his riveting win against Klitschko this past weekend.

It seems there is ironically no stopping this heavyweight with a 19-0 record all won by K.O and referee stoppage. Though AJ stands at 6’6, time and time over it is his grace, honesty, silent strength and positive aura that make him truly worthy to be looked up to.

Anthony is truly a living legend. When AJ wins, multiple ‘minorities’ win. Some may say he is an anomaly, and though that may have been true to begin with; the more records he breaks, titles he wins, and knock outs he administers, the more ‘realistic’ and attainable greatness appears to be; thus i can only imagine the calibre of the next generation who’ll surely list him as an inspiration.









In my opinion AJ is set for Ali status, he is humble yet sure, with unwavering silent strength and stands for community empowerment (unlike most smack talking boxers, Aj is truly a punch above the rest),and therefore adored and vastly respected even beyond the boxing world (not to mention his extremely handsome aesthetic, which has certainly garnered him more devoted females fans than most).

Congratulations to Anthony Joshua, to all he’s achieved, all whom he inspires and all he will continue to achieve. Grow Daily salute you King, may you continue to go forward with clarity, focus and limitless force.

GD’ers, here are 11 tips to adhere to and ensure as like AJ, your next decade is spent ruling the roost and hitting your goals triumphantly.

  1. AJ told his manager Eddie Hearn, that the plan is to explore and break new markets and boundaries like the Middle East, China. There are no limits to a legacy and no mould for a movement, do not let the dust settle, always aim to clean up.
  2. Those who successfully soar highest, are the most grounded personally. AJ recently stated “I’m a people person, on the estate where I’m from, there were loads of us. Everyone at Wembley, I probably know 20,000 of them”.
  3. Privacy is potency. When you overshare you allow your talent, ‘sauce’ etc to be watered down by the ways of the world. Try not to have each small step scrutinised via social media and hearsay, let your monumental moves make news.
  4. Discipline, hard work, organisation and focus. AJ lives by these, and believes that if he cut corners he’d only be cheating himself. You have to build and believe in yourself fervently, before the fans appear.
  5. The best teachers are still students. Never stop studying, learning and evolving. AJ has certainly paved his own way, he’s built his solid ground by studying the grounds of those who came before.
  6. You will meet many people on your journey to the top but as the champ knows, it is imperative to immerse yourself in the company of those who knew you and were ‘for you’ before the fortune. You can work on becoming your best version, when your hard copy is ‘backed up’ with an amazing support system.
  7. What is for you will be unwaveringly for you regardless. As AJ says “What will keep me here is destiny, it doesn’t matter how hard the next man fights nothing can change the path I am on”.
  8. Set your sights higher, have a vision beyond what your eyes can physically see. When AJ first started his aim was to become a multimillionaire, but as he rightly states, “there are ordinary people who are worth millions just because of property prices; so now I need to be a billionaire, being a millionaire is good, but you have to set your sights higher.”
  9. Make your vessel resilient to all waves, treat it well and make sure you only intake nutrients that can fuel your body to keep focused and set sail for success.
  10. Invest in ventures that function regardless of your presence. You may be the driving force to get things going, but businesses such as AJ’s BXR gym will always be steered towards success; when the main goal is to aid others to better themselves.
  11. Always remember where you come from, the struggles you overcame, the character your upbringing created and most importantly the pride and hard work of your people. Aim to give back and better the livelihood of your ‘hood’ show the minorities that they to can make it. Do not be ashamed of where you begin, it’s about how you finish and accredit those humble beginnings.

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.

Written by Karen Sherise


#MCM – Anthony Joshua

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