#MCM – Barack Obama

Our MCM has been dubbed as the ‘living epitome of Black Excellence’, having fulfilled the dreams of our ancestors, great leaders from Martin Luther King II to Tupac and millions of people who believe in equal rights and unity; Yes i’m referring to the man whom many still refer to as “their president’ I present to you the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

What a great honour to even write about the marvels of this great leader whom led a nation to really believe that a positive ‘change’ was upon them and had nations worldwide united chanting ‘Yes we can’.

Thus it was no surprise that on January 20th 2009 (following his win of the 2008 presidential election) Obama’s inauguration had the attention and hearts of the vast majority of the the world, with Beyoncés rendition of ‘At last’ for the Obamas first dance, brought happy tears to most; especially black people all over the world. What a historic event to witness and what a time to be alive was the sentiment Barack single handedly inspired, he gave a people hope that we really could achieve far beyond discriminations, creeds, upbringing and race; a black President whom captured the hearts of all whom possess a clean one. The Obamas as a married couple both Barack and Michelle have inspired many to believe that supportive relationships built on respect, friendship, love and humour still do exist. The pair optimise the popular term #goals (but that’s for another blog).

In his three terms as President of the United States, Obama did many other historic things that were all proof that he was the man of the people simply trying to unite the world in peace, love and progression. His feats included but were not limited to:

  • President Barack Obama being awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prizewas awarded for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.
  • The reform referred to commonly as ‘Obama Care’

(Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) was passed on March 23, 2010, to summarise this act – Obama proposed private and public group insurance, income-based subsidies, consumer protections, and expansions of Medicaid and SCHIP, which was estimated at the time to reduce the number of uninsured people in the U.S by millions.

  • Within the first two years of his presidency, Obama signed many landmark bills which all stood for fairness, equality and rang true to a duty of candour to all people.
  • Obama ordered the military operation which resulted in the death of infamous terrorist Osama Bin Laden.
  • In his second term Obama continued to plough for and promote more equality of all people. At this time Obama heavily promoted inclusiveness for the LGBT community, urging the supreme court to strike down same sex marriage bans.
  • Obama also acted favourably as he normalised U.S relations with Cuba, brokered a nuclear deal with Iran (giving back to a country that has had much taken from it), promoted discussions that led to the Paris Agreement 2015 regarding climate change, and lobbied strongly for gun control in the U.S (an act which many have avoided for fear of upsetting benefactors if their campaigns).

So much more can be said for Barack Obama but I insist you purchase one of his many books as a staple for your bookshelf as proactive progressive people of the world, I will instead leave you the words of the cool, calm, collected and eloquent man himself:

“True democracy is a project that’s much bigger than any one of us. It’s bigger than any one person, any one president, and any one government. It’s a job for all of us.”


So let us be reminded that though current leadership, current affairs, and current economical climates may dishearten or dampen our spirits; let our determination for a better world never be dictated by disasters, let our intolerance for ignorance and hatred be cemented in the kindness, morally correct ways we deal with the ‘lost’ of this world.

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.

Written by Karen Sherise



#MCM – Barack Obama

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