Our Man Crush Monday is none other than Mr More Life, Octobers Very Own .. Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham, the rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor.

Aside from being a multifaceted artist, Drake has become synonymous for his confidence; which has evolved almost as quickly as his physical mcm status (thanks to the addition of the BEARD). Yet as cocky as his external behaviour seems, all his ethics re: work, lifestyle etc are that of a humble craftsman whom hones his crafts perfectly; allowing him to appear to be a well polished chairman of cultivation and creativity. 

So here are the top 5, top 5, top 5 tips taken from this video no debating: 

✔️Live right now • Growing up, Drakes uncle imparted imperative advice, which has enabled him to truly GROW DAILY,  “whilst on the journey, disconnect from the end goal”. You have to love the process in the present, legacies are limitless; positions are passed on. 
   How? :  Pack potential, travel with tenacity and live without limitations. 
✔️Don’t let naysayers bring you down • I refuse to acknowledge them by the term more often used, for the exact reason Drake describes. If you’re great you don’t need to be inspired by revenge, negativity, or jealous competition. Eradicate them from existence, be inspired by the influential. GD’rs, put on your big boy pants and do what you have to do, Drake himself says he has ‘strong pants’ because the further you climb to the top, the more hands you have tugging at you; trying to bring you down or pull themselves up. 
✔️Learn from your mistakes • You can’t GROW DAILY unless you learn from your mistakes, but if you’re truly growing daily; you’ll never make a mistake you can’t move past. 
✔️ Outdo yourself • Just do. Multi task, talk + walk the walk. Keep a notepad of ideas, never dismiss those small notes + strokes; they could evolve into your masterpiece. Drake says ” I don’t want to tell you who i’m better than, let me put my work out, then you tell me”. *💎GD GEM* He’s reminding us that if you put enough work IN you can never be counted out. 
✔️Just be yourself • You can be quietly competitive. Though most successful people seem bold, it does not mean loud; the wisest often say the least. Drake states that sometimes he feels as though he’s not making a big enough impact because he’s not a loose cannon (which i understand) yet the fact is, his target is no longer in the range of some of these one time hitters. 
  How? Don’t sacrifice creative integrity for culture impulsiveness. Legacy + longevity. 

There is so much more to be learnt from this video and endless reasons as to why Drake deserves to be our MCM, but we’ll leave you to enjoy his latest release. In the meantime here’s a Toast to Champagne Papi, more life 🥂🍾.



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