Our MCM is truly a millennial mastermind, having built a successful business and following within a generation of mass social influence via multiple networks. Yet rather than his work being a short lived tl trend or momentary meme, our MCM has managed to become an online comedic curator; providing his many followers with ‘unfiltered’ authentic content intended to bring laughter to a currently tense social climate. Without further ado, I present to you IMJUSTBAIT.

Contrary to his alias, the man behind IMJUSTBAIT is Anthony Arron a private young man of purpose and persistence who is certainly one to watch (well if you can find him/keep up). Arron is a hardworking forward thinking young man whom is always learning and adapting. His fundamental focus to continually Grow Daily both personally and within business has seen him go from a meme poster to a PR MAVERN (whose platform has boosted the careers of Notez and Michael Dappah to name a few); and also seen him evolve from a young man whom could of been driven by the lifestyle depicted in music videos (women and money) to a social media mogul whom continues down the road of success with one woman by his side.

I’m sure, many of us have looked at the influencers, youtubers, bloggers and vloggers and wondered whether we to, should jump on the wagon for quick fortune and relative fame; however what should be noted in Arrons case, is that he did not do it for the latter, he was simply passionate about uplifting and accommodating ‘the culture’. There was Pinterest for one type of person, various music platforms for others and worldstar for a next but there’s wasn’t an all for one .. and then came IMNOTBAIT.
You see, Arron followed his own passion which meant he sourced authentic content that would be relatable and even organically controversial in some cases.
Further cementing a trait which you should take from Arron, that being self belief; you see he did not wait for validation or approval, instead he continued with purpose, passion, persistence and perseverance. Success doesn’t come in a day, but If you set daily goals around a purpose driven routine; you’ll certainly reach them a lot sooner.

With the IMJUSTBAIT app recently launched, this brand shows that it’s certainly becoming a staple / go-to in the lives of multitudes whom simply seek a moments refuge from the mass negativity depicted in mainstream media currently.
( We must admit, this app is pretty cool .. it’s the latest must have in our office)

In fact you can currently download it for free on iTunes ——> click here imjustbait by imjustbait

Sidenote ** The Metro seriously has some millennial competition with this App, it’s set to be your new one stop for news, music and videos which aim to keep you laughing through life’s trials and tests.

Finally, I’m sure many of you would like Arrons top tips on becoming successful doing what you love/enjoy, and I can assure you that the interview will be coming to you very soon GD’ers. In the mean time, below is the main key to unlocking unlimited purpose.

— For quite some time it was not known whom the mastermind behind this brand which boasts 1.7 million followers was, yet it was followed and shared rapidly. The brand is memorable, it’s playful it’s youthful and it’s authentic to its origin. GD’ers you must act in authenticity to open the right doors for yourself, don’t be the person climbing through back windows to get to success … stride in knowing you’re invited !! Have unwavering belief in your ability and build your other skill sets to match, there is no limitation other than our own fear of the unknown.

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.

Written by Karen Sherise




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