#MCM – Reggie Yates

Our MCM has graced our screens for over a decade, in many of the nations favourite shows past and present; such as: Desmond’s, The Bill, Grange Hill, Digget, Smile, Top of the Pops, numerous documentaries in his own name for the BBC, The Voice, Release the hounds and even the voice of much loved Rastamouse. Though our MCM is extremely recognisable and adored on screen, he’s also a successful, radio presenter, writer, director and photographer; the man to whom this legacy belongs to is none other than Reggie Yates.

Reggie Yates arriving for the 2013 National Television Awards at the O2 Arena, London.

Yates is an extremely talented man whom has managed longevity within an instant gratification age, part of this success can be attested to building a sterling reputation via consistency and always being thought of/used to face/host new things via remaining youthful, current and energised.

It’s not an easy feat to have back to back success like Yates, in fact it takes hard work and resilience. Yates has headed shows which his presence built favourable reviews for, and held no bitterness whist moving onto a new project. The reason Yates is able to always be booked, is because he realises that you are only as good as your most recent role; thus with each new role he reveals new layers and depth of his personality .. (following this way of life, will enable everyone to exceed the best — thus becoming better).

Also, I think it is very important to have multiple passions, talents and avenues of income; so that your journey to financial freedom doesn’t become mundane / redundant in one role with little room for growth. Which leads me to Yates choice to explore another of his talents, penning his debut book Unseen.
Unseen will explore the journey Yates has taken in the documentary world and unpick the stories behind fascinating characters and situations he has encountered. The book also chronicles Yates’ own personal growth after each shoot. 💎 That’s right Yates knows the importance of Growing Daily!

I implore all GD’ers to purchase Yates recently released book Unseen, if you’d like an understanding of how to successfully shaped by experiences, trials, errors and adventures in your life. The key is to GROW through, what you GO through .. even if the triumphs are ‘unseen’ , they’ll make for a great testimony and legacy.

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.

Written by Karen Sherise


#MCM – Reggie Yates

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