MCM today is Devon Franklin.

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Our MCM today is Devon Franklin.

Though the Franklin surname (no known relation to Kirk) is well revered among the gospel community, Mr Devon Franklin is armoured in a multitude of accolades for his work as: a Hollywood producer, best-selling author, renowned preacher and motivational speaker.

4 tips to follow by faith with focus, as lived by Mr Franklin thus far:

1 • New York Times best-seller book The Wait,[1] which he co-wrote with Wife Meagan Good. This book encourages you to find the love of your life whilst also attaining a life you live.
2 • Do not use your ‘upbringing’ as an excuse for your ‘downfalls’ The best gentlemen are often raised by a “coalition” of strong women (as described by Devon himself) that guided he and his brothers in the absence of their father.
3 • Your perseverance paves the way for promotions. Do more than expected. Mr Franklin says “Following my policy of trying to add value and contribute wherever possible, I managed to make an impact despite being the lowest man on the corporate ladder”
4 • You can excel with everything you put your mind to, do not be limited to one because others may have one talent you may have a multitude. Devon began preaching at the age of 15, and his combination of ministry and entertainment has helped him develop a rare perspective on faith, love and success. He is a regular on Dr Phil & Dr Oz, offering his guidance on a range of topics including faith, relationships and spiritual wellness.


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