#MCM – Usain Bolt

Our MCM is none other than the fastest human in the world, He is the first person to hold both the 100m and 20O metres world records, yes you’ve guessed it; I’m referring to Usain Bolt.

Due to his unprecedented dominance and achievements in sprint competition, Bolt is widely considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time. An eight-time Olympic Gold medalist, Bolt won the 100 m, 200 m and 4 × 100 m relay at three consecutive Olympic Games; he is also An eleven-time World Champion.

Though acknowledged as a star, Bolts character is frequently described as laid-back and relaxed, giving new life to the term ‘Cool Runnings’.
Though I wonder what thoughts were running through Mr Cools mind as he ran his last race before his retirement.

Saturday 5th August 2017 – Bolts final competitive race. before retirement 100m race. All eyes were on the people’s hero to leave with Gold, a day before Jamaicas independence; the pressure was on.
Until the unthinkable happened, Bolt took bronze at these world championships having been defeated by Justin Gatlin ( still currently stigmatised for his doping scandals). The shock placing left many claiming the 100m result was a disaster for athletics. Bolts eloquent, empathic and honest response to the result, only further cemented why he has left the sporting spotlight for retirement as a man with a heart of Gold, a soul that shines brightly and numerous Gold medals in hand. The greatest sprinter to ever have done it!

When interviewed following the shock result of the 100m on Saturday Bolt’s responses were the true definition of a ‘Winners Will’, and are traits we should all embody whilst living and creating legacies.

“I have no regrets, I came out and did my best; win, lose or draw. I did it for the fans, they wanted me to do one more season. No one is going to be happy to not win. But it doesn’t change anything in my career.” Bolts acknowledgement that he did his best with good intent and is accepting of the result, shows that one race doesn’t determine your legacy, it’s a momentary position; your legacy is how you do all things, your consistency and wins!

(Speaking on the boo’s Gatlin received for coming 1st) “The reactions of the crowd were unfair. “I always respected him as a competitor,” he said. “He’s one of the best I have faced”. Being able to commend a worthy competitor despite an unfavourable result, shows true ‘Winners Will’. Bolt believes in himself and the greatness of his legacy, and as a strong man he refuses to feel threatened and speak bitterly of a man in his moment; speaking up for justice in the wake of defeat speaks volumes for this winners character.

(Bolt, who will be 31 this month, insisted that he had made the right decision to continue after winning three golds at the Rio Olympics). “Following back problems and a troubled season which included the death of my close friend Germaine Mason (Britain’s Jamaican-born 2008 Olympic high jump silver medallist, in a road accident) I made the right choice for me, to finish one last season and push to the finals”. Environment is not an excuse! Bolt rightly insists that he made the right choice and I give him a standing ovation for that comment. Oh how easy it is after a defeat, fall etc to start blaming external factors and looking for an escape for the ego; not in Bolts case whilst interviewers mentioned many factors which may have led to this shock result, bold refuted them all. To oppose the multitudes who look for an excuse on your behalf, and kindly state that I can accept this and I am still a winner irrespective, takes a very confident, inspiring and consistent winner to do.

“The 200m would probably be even worse than the 100m. I’m not in shape to win the 200m. It was a rough season and up and down, I lost my friend this year, it’s been rough. As Justin knows, when you’re old it’s hard getting back from injuries, year after year after year. It’s time for me to pack it up.”
Here Bolts accepts mitigating conditions without using them as an excuse. He is also ever transparent in his statement showing complete honesty and analysis. To publicly state your ‘flaws’ or ‘unfavourable truth’ when favoured worldwide as The Greatest, only further reminds us why he will be truly missed as a sportsman of unwavering good character, wit and wisdom and total honesty and humility.

As i’m sure many of await Bolts face once more on our screens, commentating or advising the next generation; I’m sure I speak for us all when I say: “Congratulations Usain Bolt, you have lighted up many a life and are truly inspirational, your success reminds us to always strive to smash personal bests and do it all in style and authenticity” *cues the bolt 1 finger pose* .

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.


Written by Karen Sherise


#MCM – Usain Bolt

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