Meet our WCW: Founder and CEO of Uncharted Play • Jessica O. Matthews

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“When the energy is right, you’re often left with a well lit life”; this statement strikes true with todays WCW.
Meet our WCW: Founder and CEO of Uncharted Play • Jessica O. Matthews – A successful black American of Nigerian Descent, Harvard Law graduate and Inventor.
Uncharted Play is an innovative tech company that makes kinetic energy-harnessing products in order to “democratize (equality) energy access worldwide.”
The company’s first product was an energy-harnessing soccer ball called the Soccket, a ball that could power a lamp after a few hours of play; bringing a whole new emphasis to “This little light of mine, i’m gonna let it shine”.
The idea stemmed from Miss Matthews refusal to accept the unstable socially accepted standard of living, leading to her inventing a solution, and what a rewarding goal this became.
Miss Matthews raised $7M (the largest series A amount raised by a woman of colour.)
To put this into perspective, the CEO states that she is excited to be playing on an equal level as the people whom look the opposite of her in Silicon Valley.
3 kick starter tips to help you achieve your goals.
* If your goal is aimed at aiding others lives for the better, you will be acknowledged and appreciated accordingly.
* When you are passionate about an issue, craft, project etc, persevere and patent it. Your passion will almost always serve as the perfect pitch.
* You do not need to play/progress in the same field as others because it is expected. The notable success stories are always in a league of their own.