The Moment Before You Grow

The Moment Before You Grow
Edited by Natalie Whitmore

We all desire to be the best versions of ourselves and to live our best lives; yet, we fail to acknowledge the breakthrough before the blessing. In order to maintain our positive mindsets, and therefore lives, we have to be willing to accept that there are days of decline.

Most people have heard the sayings “every disappointment works for the good,” and
“When one door closes, another opens”… Just before some of greatest doors open in your life you can feel trapped, closed in and without sense of direction. The yearning and hope you have towards making your dreams a reality can be a gift, but also curse (if you leave your dreams on your pillow).

Our sense of the supernatural, hoping, wishing and praying lead us to believe change will be instant. We need to learn how to be more patient. Since without faith, our failures will be haunted by self-doubt, procrastination, and sense of self-defeat and then ultimately giving up.

In the moments before you growth, you have to believe each and every day that you can grow. It’s easier to measure things you can see and feel. Internal growth cannot be measured until you utilise and create what’s inside of you.

It comes with a change a mindset. Yes, your troubles may begin to pile on top of you. Instead of believing your being buried, believe you have been planted. Deep rooted in much of our troubles is the coming of strength. Once you cling to your strengths and not your weakness you will BLOOM!

There will be darker days- some more painful than others. Days, your bed is your best friend. Days where you’d wish you could hold back the tears. Days where nothing seems to be going your way.

Understand that those days are everything! Those are the days when you find your strength. Those days are to take note of and remember enough of to not recreate.

In the hard moments before you grow, remember these growth tools and practical examples:

  • Reaffirm to yourself: Even when you can’t see or measure your growth “I GROW DAILY”. A lot of growing consistently is simply acknowledging your daily achievements and strengths.
  • Have you limited yourself due to previous defeat? Try a different approach or outlook towards your goal: “Personal Growth is not a matter of learning new information but of unlearning old limits” – Alan Cohen.
  • Admit your fears, flaws and defeats: Make a note of your fears and the cause of your defeats. Identify these failures to strategically fight them, for example:  “I constantly say negative things about myself when challenged and compare myself to others.” Thus, before you begin to rant, stay silent for as long as it takes to move on from those thoughts and words, and then find what your grateful for in the things directly around you. This silence can leave friends checking if the call between you has failed but LOL, it works!
  • Create a positive vibe and atmosphere: This is one of the easiest and most effective strategies you can do to boost your self-confidence and build on your growth. Try embrace all of your senses, here are a few examples:


  1. Have a deep clean. Clean out any clutter and create a space where you feel free and comfortable in make visual changes that are pleasing i.e.: Move your Bed, put up lights and artwork, etc.
  2. Create a home spa. This doesn’t have to be expensive; just have a hot shower, and apply brown sugar and honey mask, light a few candles in the bathroom.
  3. Play some Music you love or Music that inspires you. Music can be incredibly therapeutic. Listening to music a way for you to connect to your own truth and being.
  4. Use scented candles or a few sprays of your favourite perfume around your desired space.
  5. Eat something different or your favourite meal! Indulge in it- enjoy that plate as if it was your last. Your health is your wealth: the healthier the meal can get, the better you’ll feel.


Most importantly, in the moments before you grow, acknowledge that with every push needs equalled time for rest. It’s the same as the “work hard, play hard” binary, working and striving requires down time and self-care. It’s a practice of self-love, and that’s not selfish!

Make sure that you make time for rest away from your dreams and aspirations. Practice controlled silence before you sleep; in the last 30 minutes before your desired bedtime, try not to use any form of technology. Instead, think about the day’s events, offload any negative thoughts on paper and say one positive thing to yourself or a small prayer if you’re of faith.

“Rest. If we could learn how to balance rest against effort, calmness against strain, quiet against turmoil, we would assure ourselves of joy in living and psychological health for life”- Josephine Rathbone

… And most of all: Believe in yourself! Believe that there’s better coming. Put your faith over your fears. Believe that you will achieve what you want.

In the darkness light has the most power. Don’t believe for one minute that when you underperform or fail it’s a wasted day. Your response and ability shine through your troubles defines more of your self-growth than you know or think.

Life has a number of great opportunities and blessings coming for you once you press through hardships. Press on through the struggle before the success. It’s all in the moment before you grow.

The Moment Before You Grow‘ By Karlene May – A motivational piece, tackling life’s trials and tribulations – specifically touching on the uncomfortable ‘down’ moment before success arrives.

Instagram: miss_maimai01 


The Moment Before You Grow

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