Tuesdays Tips: Strategy over Slaving – making more strategic moves.

Have you ever wanted to tap out midday, started counting the hours till you leave or become numbingly mute. The above are signs that you may be caught in a cycle slaving away, feeling unappreciated, disregarded, exhausted and unenthusiastic.

It shouldn’t be this way, whether you work for yourself, work a 9-5, or even ungodly hours; there are a few things you can do to work strategically as opposed to slaving away.

Track your spending: This may seem out of place on this list however it’s essential to working strategically. Most people are scared to look at their accounts a week before pay day (even a week after payday in some cases), it shouldn’t be this way, simply spend less than you make, selectively socialise and save 15% to 20% of your income. Budgeting allows you not to have that ‘bound’ mentality, that you can’t take a break and must slave for every buck.

Generate alternatives: Brainstorm other possibilities that broaden the option set. This shows innovation and effectiveness. As long as it’s completed to expected quality, most will not mind alternatives.
Identify barriers to each option: Don’t work without an expected outcome. If you identify barriers you’ll better handle any diversion. Don’t ever let a diversion derail you from the right track. Plan, Prepare and Proceed.
Prune Projects That Aren’t Productive: There’s working hard then there’s working smart, try to always ensure that you focus on progressive activity rather than stagnant slaving. Have a purpose for your plough, don’t just goal dig because you were told to; do it because it’s a part of your journey and you’re grateful to experience it all.
Exchange Expertise: Learn from others to become knowledgable, yet hire/give to/delegate tasks that favour everyone’s skill-set. Efficiency and Effectiveness. Your time to study/learn is your responsibility, don’t get so caught up in trying to be the best at everything that you forget to be the best business person, who knows that allocation + direction = completion.


With that being said, Happy First of the Month:
Step out of those shackles and start your strategy filled days now.

Let us know in the comments, any other comparisons of working smart vs slaving away.

Written by: Karen Sherise


Tuesdays Tips: Strategy over Slaving – making more strategic moves.

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