#TuesdayTips – Elevation via Authenticity

How remaining or finding your authentic self, attributes to a success fulfilled life.

In a social climate over saturated by carbon copies, even being ‘woke’ becomes a wearily accepted title; nonetheless it is imperative that we awaken the ‘real’ in as many people as possible. Real has no set attributes, however it’s easier to understand and subsequently coincide with others where authenticity resides.

A – Accept your quirks + isms. Though you may’ve hidden or suppressed them in the past to ‘fit in’, you must realise that there are often opportunities to speak up for those who stand out unintentionally. Also, many successful people welcome those with quirks etc into their network; as oddness in a world so socially calculated seems to encourage an equilibrium.
U – Understand yourself. Most of us have personal narratives about defining moments that taught us important lessons, consciously or not we allow our stories, and the images of ourselves that they paint, to guide us in new situations; however these stories can become outdated as we grow into new chapters of our life. It is very important to re-evaluate you’re self ever so often, to ensure we remain authentically affluent.
T – Transparency. This often strengthens rapports with people as many find it to be personable. I’d advice that your intent be transparent but not your way there; as in positions of leadership to much transparency can welcome doubt and leave the leader appearing vulnerable.
H – Happiness. We are all wired differently and distinctive things make us happy. When we’re honest with ourselves about what those things are that drive us, give us energy and motivate us, we can be proactive in building a career that matches our own unique happiness factors.
E – Elevate. You will always elevate beyond others expectations when you are authentic. Most authentic people try their hand at multiple things to determine what feels most ‘naturally fulfilling’ to them.
N – Natural Inclinations. Speaking of natural, inclinations, gut instincts, intuition are all forms of your authentic self hoping to be uncovered. If you follow these without fear you will often unearth a new level of yourself.
T – Transform. Be able to adapt without compromising your authenticity. Find the balance between authoritative and approachability. To be authoritative, you privilege your knowledge, experience, and expertise over the team’s, maintaining a measure of distance. To be approachable, you emphasize your relationships with people, their input, and their perspective, and you lead with empathy and warmth. Either way be adaptable in your approach but authentic in your response.
I – Inspire. You will encourage more people by simply being yourself. Make it okay for the ‘uncool kid’ to follow an unconventional way to success.
C – Clarity. An authentic sense of self that promotes and encourages a peace and surety that you can handle most obstacles put in your way, without doubt or fear hindering you overcoming.
I – Incompetency & Insecurities. You will not feel these ways very much if you are being true to self. You only feel like this when trying to uphold yourself to the ideals of others. Know that you are enough, flaws and all.
T – Teach. Those who are authentic to self often possess a sense of clarity about them which provides others with the much loved certainty they crave. You can teach others to be comfortable with their character without becoming content and stagnant. Be clear and go forward.
Y – Yearn to learn. Your best authentic self is the student version, the one eager to learn, fail, pass and graduate. There are many chapters in life, and we must remember; ‘copying from one author is plagiarism, taking snippets from many is ‘research’. Authenticity doesn’t mean being the originator of all, it means taking triumphant strides in your dash to success and accepting that you are the winner of your own race!

Written by Karen Sherise


#TuesdayTips – Elevation via Authenticity

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