#TuesdayTips – Hip Hop & Personal Development

Why I think personal development and Hip Hop are the same…

What do you take from music?

Me personally, I have always found motivation in music. Hip Hop is a form storytelling to me and that is why it stood out to me in comparison to other genres of music. I have come to realise that your life is heavily based on your perceptions. I remember when 50 cent released ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ and there was something in me that connected with the hunger and ambition that 50 was spitting in his rhymes. However, its controversial title caused many people to see only the word ‘die’ in the title. Two people can have a difficult life event take place yet each individual will take a different message from it. Personally, lack has always fuelled my motivation and pain has always fuelled my purpose. Life is full of ups and downs and things will not always go in our favour but it is up to us to train our brain and condition it to see the opportunity in every circumstance. If an event takes place in your life that does not follow your plan in life and you allow it to paralyse you, you will still be in the same position you were in before but if you push through and use it to fuel you this can become the break through you needed in life.


Back 2 Hip Hop…

I mean if you think about it, many of the hip hop artists we look up to weren’t as lucky as you and I as the majority of us have a roof over our heads and access to the Internet. I’m a firm believer that the Internet can change your life for the better yet we use it to stalk, gossip and judge one another. What we need to remember is that everyone’s journey is different. Someone else’s purpose has nothing to do with YOUR purpose! Always remember that your only obsession should be an obsession with yourself.

Below are some tracks I use to pump me up when I need a push. Let’s not miss the gems in these lyrics:

Dj Khaled – Holy Key

Drake – Madiba riddim

Puff Daddy – Best friend

Future feat Drake – Used to this

Jay – Z feat Drake – Pound Cake

Nas feat Diddy – Hate me now

Nas- I can

Jay – z – Hard knock life

Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity to succeed.




#TuesdayTips – Hip Hop & Personal Development

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