#TuesdayTips – The Trick to Money is having some ..

This month we are doing a grow daily book giveaway! (head to our instagram for more details @iGrowDaily) in the mean time, one of the three books we are giving away is this brilliant read….

The Trick to Money is having some ..

This isn’t the usual complex guide to getting the wheels turning on your road to financial freedom, this is a ‘wheels to success go round and round’ ; easy to read relatable book.

The book explores the common notions and ideas we’ve all had about money, and aims to correct our approach towards attaining it. Below we’ll delve into a few of these, to give you an idea as to how essential this book genuinely is to a person who no longer wants their energy to be spent, where they cannot reap rewards.

Knowing your worth and not being afraid to bill as earned : Often times we wave our fees to build loyalty, however this allows is your core audience to be flippant and doesn’t promote longstanding bonds to be built on a respect that benefits both parties.
Feeling rich and loving it : You will attain riches in abundance, if everything you emit and give your time to is the right energy and environment for prosperity and progression.
It’s all about how you feel about what you have : You must accept and appreciate the change (pennies) & that change/ shift in accumulation will follow.
Money is important : Point. Blank. Period. The more you try to fool yourself it’s not, the more pressure you put on other things to fill a void of a lack thereof. If you acknowledge that it’s important you will prioritise all avenues of getting it, thus making your work rate, passions/hobbies and investments progressive.

In order to successfully serve someone you must psychologically allow yourself to be underneath them: Put ego to a side, learn to see it as covering all bases; what happens beneath the surface often determines whether the foundation is secure enough to remain firm / be fruitful.

Giving to receive, we all do it: Whether you do it with this intent at forefront or whether you simply hope to have good karma in return, we all give to receive & it’s not a bad thing. It’s not a bad thing if you ensure you always give what you would be happy to receive in return.

Money making is a game: You must always remember that attaining money is just a game you play with yourself. It’s like monopoly, one roll (role) can change it all, you adopt various roles within life that allow you to attain money. As long as you play with enough heart to withdraw from even when you’re overdrawn, there’s still a chance to win.

With the competition we currently have…you have the chance of winning all of this information for FREE! (See www.instagram.com/igrowdaily for more info)

Look forwarding to flipping those pages to financial freedom with you.

Until next time, Happy Reading.

Worded by: Triston Taylor Reid
Scribed by: Karen Sherise


#TuesdayTips – The Trick to Money is having some ..

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