#TuesdayTips – Water: Stay Hydrated Never Thirsty

Summer is officially here, well if your situated in the UK that is so fingers crossed some wonderful sun filled summer days are on the horizon. With that in mind regardless to where you are in the world, regardless to the season the consumption of water is imperative to everyday life. We encourage our Grow Daily community to experience Growth in every aspect, mind, body and soul so today lets discuss the importance of keeping the body hydrated and never thirsty.

Most health authorities recommend 2 litres of water per day but considering 1.5 litres is your average bottle of evian surely thats not enough, not when you take into consideration we lose water via sweat, urine and BREATHING. Yes you read that correctly, we lose water even when we breathe. So how exactly should we stay hydrated?

Here are some tips we live by here at Grow Daily:

1 – Consume MORE water throughout your working day, if 1 bottle is your current intake how about an increase to 2 bottles? What’s the worst that can happen a few more trips to the lavatory which after a few days will have your urine crystal clear which is always a healthy sign.

2 – Try drinking your water at room temperature rather than ice cold. Now you may think, what difference does that make or I’ve been drinking water ice cold my entire life. Well did you know drinking water at room temperature is good for digestion, detox, and pain relief. When you drink cold water, your blood vessels shrink, and this restricts your digestion. Warm water however helps break down food, aids constipation, and even helps you lose weight while improving your blood circulation. So when you stop in the shop for your water today, maybe grab one from the shelf rather than the fridge.

3 – Encourage everyone around you to drink more water! If everybody in your office or home is drinking water, lets be honest, you don’t want to be the unhealthy person drinking the can of DIET coke thinking your doing a good thing because its says DIET on the label.

4 – Add a little Zest to your water! Maybe try a slice of lemon, lime, orange, cucumber or maybe even some summer fruits, strawberry, watermelon, apples, blueberries, all perfect additions to go with your water for a variety of reasons which are all good for the body and healthiness.

5 – At times you may struggle to finish a bottle of water simply because you can see it, it seems never ending so you decide not to open the lid at all rather than try and have to later accept failure. Try putting your water content into a cup or flask or currently coloured gallon jugs seem to be very popular in the office and the gym. You may even want to use a marker on a bottle in order to set yourself a hourly or daily water intake target. Remember nobody said drinking water had to be boring and monotonous.

According to corinthians 6:19 our bodies are temples, what you put or allow into your temple will surely have affect on the day to day functioning of your body. If everything on this earth requires water for growth then you can surely understand that human beings are no different. Water is good for your outsides and of course insides so the more you consume the better the outcome is for your all round complete state. Water is great for the Mind, Body and Soul so in order to keep yours in the best condition it is important to remain hydrated and NEVER thirsty.

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#TuesdayTips – Water: Stay Hydrated Never Thirsty

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