#WCW – Adele

There’s a fire starting in my heart, yes that’s right .. our WCW has truly blazed a trail for this generations British singers internationally; which is only further complimented by her beautiful soul, stellar vocals, cheeky london lingo and unforgettable laugh. I present to you, our very own hometown glory; a living legend in the making .. Adele.

As we all know, Adeles success has been awe inspiring in showing us that we can do anything we want; because you know ‘life’s lit’ and all our trials and triumphs come together to build our legacies. Speaking of legacies, Adeles success musically is internationally acclaimed and with very good reason. You see, her second album was critically well received and surpassed the success of her debut album, earning the singer numerous awards in 2012, among them six Grammy Awards, two Brit awards including and three AMA’s. Not to mention, the album has been certified 16 times platinum in the UK, and is overall the 4th best selling album in the nation. We are also very proud that Adele held the top position longer than any album since 1985 in the U.S, making her 2nd album certified diamond.The album has sold over 31 million copies worldwide.

The success of 21 also earned Adele numerous mentions in the Guinness book of world, having been the first woman in the history of the Billboard hot 100 to have three simultaneous top 10 singles as a lead artist, and the has had the longest-running number one album by a female solo artist in the history of the UK and US Album Charts.

What a woman, I know! There’s far too much praise to pen for this talented artist, woman and philanthropist: so instead you’ll find my advice below; taken from the legacy of Adele thus far.

Learn to laugh at yourself – When you can laugh at yourself for good – you are exercising self love, when you can laugh at yourself for bad – you are exercising self assurance; you are saying that no moment can negatively alter your aura because you chose to let laughter be the overriding feeling. Laughter is a universal language, you automatically attract likened energy when you emote laughter.

Turn anxiety into creativity – Yes I know Adele and anxiety don’t seem as though they even belong in the same sentence, but hear me out. As we all know, Adele had her heart broken & subsequently used that pain to pen songs which launched her into stardom + success twice; yet upon her 3rd album when she was happy and content with love & life .. she still managed success. The secret is that she flipped the coin on its head, no longer was it the ‘tale’ of heartache but rather the creative ‘head’ facing up. You see, anxiety stems from inventing stories about what might happen in the future; but you should instead turn the dreams you doubt into realities you relish in. There’s always a silver lining if you’re looking for it.

Own your mistakes and amend them accordingly – When you make a mistake and acknowledge it before it being ‘discovered’, you are demonstrating commitment to always delivering your best. Only you truly know how far you can exceed expectations, yet offering that transparency for others to view you in every light; often ends up to be a glowing light. People love authenticity!
For example, during a tribute performance Adele once started her set severely off key & in true Adele fashion, cussed in front of a huge audience, profusely apologised then stopped the song and asked to start over. That moment showed so many people this important lesson: your reputation isn’t defined by the mistakes you make, but by the way you respond to those mistakes.

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.

Written by Karen Sherise


#WCW – Adele

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