#WCW Beyonce

Okay now let’s get in formation. That’s right, our WCW is a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and all around Queen B; long reign a living legend .. I present to you Beyoncé.

Where do I begin? Born and raised in Houston Texas to Matthew & Celestine ‘Tina’ Knowles on September 4th 1981 (Happy belated birthday Queen B) Beyoncé seemed destined for stardom from a very early age, as a result her father would continue to form girl groups featuring his daughter; the most famous being Destinys Child whom rose to fame in the late 90’s. As lead singer of the group, Beyoncé would often stun audiences with her effortless runs and powerful voice; along with the perfect harmonies and rifts of the group they quickly became one of the best selling girl groups in history.
Although many awaited Beyoncés breakout into a solo career and lord knows she did not disappoint.

Beyoncé as a solo artist has amassed far to many accolades and awards to mention, including multiple 22 grammys (& is the most nominated woman in its history), 24 vma awards. As well as the R.I.A.A acknowledging her as the top certified artist in America in the 2000’s decade.
In 2014, Beyoncé became the highest-paid black musician in history and was listed among Times 100 most influential people in the world for a second year in a row.
Forbes also listed her as the most powerful female in entertainment of 2015, and in 2016 she occupied the sixth place for person of the year.

Needless to say the beehive could relay far more in regards to all her awards, but what i’d like us to remember is that success like hers is not a fluke, it is indeed a blessing supported by extremely hard work, strong values and innovation creation. Beyoncé is often noted as being the hardest working woman in show business often spending many sleepless night working as hard if not harder than her times, she’s thoroughly involved in all aspects of her career and always pushes the boat out that bit more with each new project/release.

There are so many beyoncé features video on our site, namely the Major Keys – Beyoncé edition so be sure to check that out.

Beyoncé is so ‘badass’ that though she is female, many fans call her King B as she commands the respect of the greatest of Kings and her talents and capability simply cannot be boxed into only being a Queen; thus I will leave you with 3 top tips to Reigning supreme in all you do my GD Kings & Queens.

Be authentically you – innovate: Don’t play it safe, sticking to the norms just to people please. Mediocrity attacks excellence. If you people please you’ll rarely ruffle feathers yes, but the lack of risk and forward thinking will bore and allow you to become complacent with your goals/aspirations. Beyoncés motto is, “I don’t feel like I have to please anyone. I feel free. I feel like I’m an adult. I’m grown. I can do what I want. I can say what I want. I can retire if I want. That’s why I’ve worked hard.”
Aim high – Elevate: Yes every once must start somewhere but plan your progression and adopt a persona to match who you will become. When you finally discover who it is you want to be, life will open up limitless opportunities that will fulfil you everyday, you just have to choose to walk in purpose rather than stumble into stagnancy. As Beyoncé once said, “I’m over being a pop star. I don’t wanna be a hot girl. I wanna be iconic.”
Take the Power for yourself, and give back accordingly: Beyoncés most important lesson, to women especially; as told to British Vogue (circa 2013) is – “Power’s not given to you. You have to take it.” In 2014, Forbes ranked her as the most powerful celebrity in the world after her Mrs Carter world tour was bringing in an average of $2.4 million per show. She also secured huge contracts throughout her career including a $50-million multi-year deal with Pepsi. That’s not including the combined fortune of her marriage with fellow millionaire Jay-Z. Including the above, Beyonce has amassed a net worth of over $500 million but she better than anyone else knows the importance of giving back. She has supported thirty-one different charities and three causes. In her song I Was Here she sings, “The hearts I have touched, will be the proof that I leave, that I made a difference”; and that GD’ers is why BEYONCÉ GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER is a LIVING LEGEND!

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.

Written by Karen Sherise


#WCW Beyonce

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