#WCW – Miss Dupsy Abiola

Our WCW is a young insanely amazing beautiful Briton lawyer turned entrepreneur whom even garnered Tom Fords personal stamp of approval (keep on reading to find out how). Having successfully appeared on Dragons Den and Britain’s most influential black people under 40 list, our WCW will undoubtedly continue to inspire and facilitate the ambitions of all whom truly seek to GROW DAILY on their journey to success. Without further ado I present to you GD’ers, Miss Dupsy Abiola.

Dupsy’s father ( Chief MKO Abiola – a famous and successful Nigerian business tycoon) was a strong influence on her interest in business growing up, with Dupsy aged nine independently setting up a business producing and selling puzzle magazines with a friend at school making a ‘tidy profit’ across the board.
Dupseys entrepreneurial purpose driven success later resurfaced when she left her career as a lawyer to create Intern Avenue in late 2010 which is her first large scale entrepreneurial project.

Intern Avenue publicly launched in Autumn 2012.
Intern Avenue was developed in London which has begun to develop a blossoming technology scene. The site has been well-received and featured by the national press. I’d advise all our graduates to check out Intern Avenue, and be inspired i pursue great careers and possibly even businesses (all rise, the generation of entrepreneurship).

Below i’ve listed two tips to setting your own stones on your pathway to success a la Dupsy Abiola’s way.

Do not be bound to others ideas of success – In the same way you should not judge someone’s struggle, neither should you confirm to others ideas of success. Dupsy attended Inns of Court School of Law and was called to bar in 2006 and worked on numerous complex and high profile cases, however as said by the lady herself “ I always wanted to be a great problem solver, never particularly coveted senior titles for their own sake. I just want to be in a position to learn and produce my best work on projects I feel passionate about”. 💎 GD’ers, your purpose is often found amongst what you are passionate about, and there is no limit to creativity and innovation when you enjoy what you do.

Believe in your slay & slay the day – Dupsy has said “I’ve always liked how the right outfit can set you up for the day”. How accurate is that, the right outfit whether it’s tailored, bright, black and chic, or simply an extension of your character; really does affect how you carry yourself throughout the day (try to be mindful of this and develop a wardrobe that armours you with a better aura/attitude). This thesis was proven with a speech Tom Ford gave at Oxford University which Dupsy was present for. As she sat in her layered dress worn with a bright pink jacket on, intending to soak up the inevitable style/ life gems from Mr Ford; Dupsy found herself being pointed out as an answer to a question posed to Ford – that being ‘ what his thoughts on style & beauty were ‘ to which he pointed to Dupsy, asked her to stand and proceeded to tell the overcrowded room that he loved her personal style and thought she was beautiful. Needless to say, GD’ers you do not have to conform to what’s trending or what’s expected; you will garner the best energy and appreciation when you are your authentic self !

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.

Written by Karen Sherise


#WCW – Miss Dupsy Abiola

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