#WCW – Priya Kumar

Our WCW is is an Indian motivational speaker, author, corporate trainer and columnist. I present to you, Priya Kumar.

By the age of 24 our WCW was an accredited motivational speaker whom then added the profile of author to her roster, with her first book; I Am Another You (released at the age of 35). Kumar is a shining example of how being your authentic self unapologetically enables you to continue fulfilling goals, passions and dreams; without the age limits/expectancies/time frames society seems to pressure us with.

I will delve a tad deeper into Kumar successes, whilst heading them with a relevant title I hope my GD’ers apply themselves (as will I tbh).

  1. Blaze your own path fearlessly

As a motivational speaker, Kumar believes in a unique approach with a refreshing perspective, her teachings are sure to light a fire under your heels and have you pacing down paths to success both figuratively and literally. I say this because, Kumar specialises in Fire Walking (having obtained her fire-walk certification from Sundoor); and though her trailblazing personality traits and thoughts were present at a very young age, she chose not to be dampened or boxed by society. In fact, her positivity, upbeat attitude and undying spirit have made her one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in India and internationally.

Speaking of ‘Fire Walking’, Kumar uses it as a part of her Motivational Speaking agenda, having found that walking on fire is a great tool for transforming beliefs, and instilling in people a renewed confidence, about handling challenges. The reason for this, is that it challenges past beliefs, where a person has learnt that fire burns and now takes it head on, and walks on it, without as much as a sting.

  1. Unleash your true self, tell your story in the form most authentic to you.

As an Author, Kumars style of writing is very versatile, as provided by the variety in the books she’s written. Kumar has authored four inspirational fiction books, has penned a book of original quotes, written two biographies and a non fiction tale of her adventures with the shamans, in the Netherlands.

Needless to say, this superb writer has received due recognition for er work, and has won a total of 13 International Awards, which includes the Eric Hoffer International Book Award and the Evergreen Medal, along with several National Accolades. In 2017, Kumar won the Speaking Tree Good Karma Award, for the best inspirational author, in the country (India). Winning the most recent award proves that great acknowledgment and accolades are derived from the most authentic acts of self.

  1. Destiny is a daily thing (License to Live) Choose to Grow Daily everyday !! Yet another quote from Kumars book (as like the header), O urge you all; to remember this: I am as I choose.’-(The Wise Man). Destiny is indeed a daily thing, and you shape it with the choices you make and the whether the desires you allow to manifest are in alignment with what you need to DO to fufill your destiny and live a purpose driven life.

Until next time be good to yourselves, kind to others and above all GROW DAILY.

Written by Karen Sherise



#WCW – Priya Kumar

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