WCW : Sara Blakely – Ceo & founder of Spanx

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It’s time to secure your success + snatch all the advice you can from todays WCW : Sara Blakely – Ceo & founder of Spanx
Spanx has quickly become a staple in today’s society, and with good reason; there’s simply no denying the ‘pulling power’ of these products. With most women with at least 1 in possession, it’s fair to say Spanx is to undergarment, what an LBD is to a woman’s wardrobe .. ESSENTIAL!! With all of the above mentioned, it’s only fitting that the founder Miss Sara Blakely; has an estimated net worth of 1 billion dollars.
Grow Daily believe that Miss Blakely’s fresh, funny and relatable approach to achieving goals, should be shared for those who’d like to start with a good base.
So here are Four Fundamentals to focus on:
• Differentiate yourself: Be obsessive!! Exceed expectation and be ready to answer inevitable questions in your pitch/convos i.e – Who are you/the business? How are you better than the competition and what is the best choice for the consumer and why?
• Embrace failure: Failure is life’s way of letting you know you’re off course yet learning, it’s not to be feared; if you are failing you are trying + that’s better than stagnancy. This stance/ odd yet brilliant outlook was embedded in Miss Blakelys’ childhood. Each day her father would ask “What did you fail at today?”  – this reverse psychology question was answered with bravery, passion and an enthusiastic  tenacity to try and try again.
• Embrace not knowing: Turn off auto pilot, steer your journey to success with your own drive. Have you realised, most of what we do someone else showed us how to do. Yet there is a shared ethos among most great business’s and that is to evolve past the state of survival, take a current way and make it better or simplify it.
▪Try this ▪Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine you had no idea how to do your job .. what would you do? Within your response lies your Unique selling P.
• Visualise / write down goals: Be very specific! How many people are in your future team? How much do you want to earn? What and or whom are in your surroundings? If you do the above, subconsciously you’ll action things that’ll get you closer to your envisioned goals.
There you have it, in the words of Miss Blakely “leave no butt left behind”
GD’ers leave your buts and maybes alone, it’s time to transform, we want you to figure it out and be on top form.
Grow Daily


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